Video about how Airstreams are assembled

Airstream Trailer assemblyI just found this video on how Airstream travel trailers are bulit in Jackson Center, OH.  They put many hours into one trailer. This is why every Airstream trailer is unique and has it’s own character.

I just polished our DWR Airstream and when you get to touch every section on the exterior you realize how unique it is.  A assembly line car on the other hand has none of that built by hand feel.


  1. hi there! i love your blog! my fiance and i live in the twin cities and are dreaming of airstream ownership ourselves, though it will be awhile before we can afford one. i was wondering if you know of any local airstream social groups or something of the like? i’d love to meet up with you or anyone else that has experience with the airstream lifestyle. we are especially interested in purchasing something older/vintage to fix-up, since a new airstream is incredibly far out of our price range.

    thanks for sharing all of your adventures!!

    • Hi Ashley,

      Sorry for the late response. Thanks for liking the blog! Unfortunately I don’t know of a local airstream social group but I’m sure you could find one at I hope you can find a vintage airstream that won’t take years to fix up. They are out there. Maybe you could afford a 5-10 year old Airstream. We love our Airstream and even more love to travel with it and see beautiful places.

      Thanks for contacting me.


  2. Martin, I tow the DWR as well! I heard that there were only 25 made in the country; I find that hard to believe but I’ve had it for two years and I’ve never met or heard of anyone else with one. I attempted to get a subgroup created on the airforums to discover where the others are but was informed it’s too similar mechanically and I should consider it a Bambi. (But, the DWR, it’s a lifestyle model…) Maybe they’ll reconsider. We have yardage replacement and such to discuss.

    Love your photos, especially the pan. I have tons of amateur shots up at if you are lonely to see another one. We’re trashing it (just kidding) (sort of). -RG Coleman


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