Cookin’ Rice in the Northwoods

Airstream DWR camping on Madeline Island, Wisconsin

We love camping on Madeline Island in Wisconsin.  And now with our trusty rice cooker we are set to attract all the bears in the forest.

I like using a rice cooker since it gives me space on our two-burner stove when cooking.  I set the time when the rice should be done, letting me focus on cooking the rest of the meal.  By the way cooking in the DWR 16′ Airstream is certainly tight but very much fun. No mosquitos, good music, wine, hey hey.  One pot meals are my favorite, like huevos rancheros, pasta, stir fry’s etc. (lots of chillies).

I decided to put the rice cocker outside since it steams quite a bit and that makes for lots of condensation, which a small trailer doesn’t like.

So here we were on our favorite campsite at Big Bay State Park … that is until our hooligan friends showed up.


  1. You guys have FINE taste in rice cookers. I have been using this exact model for 4 years and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. versatile, fun, makes a mean congee (rice porridge) for breakfast.
    Did bears really show up??
    The Airstream looks so shiny and new in this photo. When I get mine someday will you come over and polish it too?

    • It is a great rice cocker and the Airstream polishes itself when you go 80mph in the rain 😉
      Fortunately no bears showed up, too many other campers to eat.

  2. BTW, this photo has become one of my desktop images. William has the same green stool, I have the same rice cooker, I’m just missing the Airstream to go with them :-)
    All the best,

    • I hope the Airstream will soon become a reality for you. Best thing we ever did. Good to hear from you, Linda.

  3. Also check out our friends blog… maybe see you in PEI canada


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