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We bought our Airstream DWR special edition in 2007 and have taken many trips with it.  This site serves to document our experiences traveling, changes we made to our DWR Airstream and the fun we have with it. I hope you enjoy and find the information helpful. Below is a brief description about us.

Martin Thomas

Martin Thomas is a Macintosh computer consultant, Web site designer and digital photographer (lotus + lama). His background in recording engineering has made him a sought after consultant by many recording studios, post production houses and other creative businesses in the Twin Cities since 1995. He’ll gladly introduce you to Frank Zappa, if you’re uninitiated.

Kate Thomas

Kate Thomas is an insightful writer, Web site / blog designer and (take a deep breath) content-based search engine optimization and marketing specialist. Before working with her lovely lotus + lama partner, Kate enjoyed stints teaching German at the University of Minnesota, editing at the University of Chicago Press and working as a set decorator in Minneapolis and Los Angeles.

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